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(RARE) Slash's Snakepit Tracking "SHINE", July 1999.

Since my 1st video post of the band tracking the song "The Alien" for the record Aint Life Grand by Slash's Snakepit, I've received many requests to post more videos. promised, here's another installment.

In this video we're working on the song "SHINE" at Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood, CA - July, 1999.

The video opens with legendary record producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, John Lennon) and myself having one of many laughs together. It was so much fun working with Jack. A real pro with both an amazing track record and stories about working with Rock n' Roll legends that would make your jaw drop.

Next scene shows myself in the tracking room checking drum tones 1 last time before going for a take.

Slash's world class guitar tech, Adam Day (Angus Young, Neal Schon) fixes the buzz noise in Slash's headphones while Ryan Roxie (guitars) Johnny Griparic (bass) and Slash engage in a typical rock n' roll conversation.......the current events within the Earth's solar system.

The final part of the video shows Jack the next day checking out the master take of "Shine". He was always the first one at the studio to review the previous day's work....and what would the day be like without Jack's great sense of humor? :o)

More videos to come!


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