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How To Hire Matt

You can hire Matt for your next recording project! Here's how it works.


Step 1. Determining the Session Fee / Submitting Your Material

The Session Fee is determined by how much time is needed to complete the session.  

We ask that you fill out a Session Fee Request Form and submit an mp3 of all material that you would like Matt to perform on. Please do not submit tracks that have not been recorded to a click.  Receiving the best feeling drum track depends on how well your session files have been executed to a click track. 

We will then determine the session fee and send you a quote in a return email.  


Step 2.  Scheduling Your Session

Once the Session Fee has been agreed to, we will set a tentative session date and time that best suits everyone's schedule.  


Step 3. Session Fee Payment / Confirming The Session Date

We ask that you pay the total Session Fee in advance at using the email address For our international clients we will send you a PayPal invoice for the total fee which will be due on receipt.  All other clients are asked to use the "Friends and Family" payment PayPal option to avoid any PayPal transaction fees. When we receive your payment we will be able to confirm and book your session.



When making payment you enter into a contractual agreement for services provided by  Payment is refundable minus a 50% Cancellation Fee (+ PayPal transaction fees) should you decide to cancel the session within 48 hours previous to the confirmed scheduled session start time.

If you decide to cancel the session before the 48 hour deadline your payment will be fully refunded at no charge.



Step 4. Send Us Your Session Files

Session files are sent to using your preference of Dropbox, Hightail, Googledrive, or WeTransfer.  


Step 5. Pre Session Contact

Before the day of the session Matt will be in contact with you either by phone or email to make sure that he has a detailed idea of how you would like the drum track to be played.   It is very helpful to know all of your suggestions.  

Letting us know what type of drum tones you would like us to achieve is a huge help too.  You can do this by including an mp3 of a song as a reference or include a brief description when you send us your session files.

If you’re not sure, Matt will suggest which tones might work best to fit the style of your song(s). This is achieved by using different size drums, cymbals, and tuning techniques that Matt has learned working in recording studios for the past 20 years.


Step 6. Tracking

Matt begins tracking drums to your song! If you live in the Los Angeles area we invite you to join us at the studio. If you are unable to attend, we can perform a LIVE Streaming Online Session.

No more waiting to receive mp3 files to approve tones and performances!!!!  

It's as simple as sending you a link that will connect you to our live broadcast. This enables you to listen to the audio portion of the session in real time LIVE online! Matt will call you on the phone at the end of each "take". In addition, Matt will be able to speak with you during the session by using a talk back microphone which can be heard over the live broadcast as well. 

Please note that there is a 3 to 10 second delay from the studio's live broadcast to you. (Your internet speed permitting.) 


Step 7. Completing the Session / Session Release Form

At the completion of the session we will email you a link that will direct you to the Session Release Form.  With your digital signature you agree that no more revisions are needed and your session is complete.  Any revision requests after the signed Session Release Form has been sent to can only be performed by purchasing a new session. 


When we receive your signed Session Release Form we will immediately send to your inbox:

  • All the the individual drum tracks for your mixing session. (Up to 21 tracks.)

  • A “Paid In Full” session receipt.  

  • Please allow an estimate of 1 hour to upload and send the individual drum track files to your in box. Delivery time dependent upon how many songs have been recorded. 



And that's it!  

To get a quote, please click HERE.

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