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Turin Chronicle 3/1/2020

T.C. -  Hello Matt and thank you very much for this interview... It's a
really great honor for me. First of all, what's going on in Matt's world?

M.L. - Thank you Alessandro!

Currently I am getting ready to go on tour with my band The Dirty Knobs.  The tour will bring us to different locations in America.  There are no dates in Italy yet, but I hope one day we get to play there soon!

We have an album coming out March 20th on BMG called Wreckless Abandon.

If your readers would like, they can go to to learn more about the band.


T.C. -  You worked with some musicians with the same passion and success...

What is your secret?

M.L. - I am very fortunate to be able to work with friends that are great musicians.  I think when you try to be the very best you can be, that attracts others that do the same.

I try to be professional which means to have a humble attitude, know the songs before going to the rehearsals, arrive at rehearsals and concerts on time and perform my very best. 


T.C. - You also worked here in Italy with Vasco. What is that like?

M.L. - Working for Vasco on his records and on tour has been one of the best jobs I have ever had!  Vasco's musical intuition is very similar to mine which makes working with him very easy.  The band is filled with excellent musicians and the crew are amazing!  This year will be my 10th tour with Vasco.  The entire Vasco organization has become my extended family.


T.C. -  You've written a lot of music story pages. What is, in your opinion,

the best album you worked on?

M.L. - Playing on Alanis Morissette's album "Jagged Little Pill" gave me a career.  I will be eternally grateful to Alanis and her producer Glen Ballard for giving me the opportunity. Actually, it was the bass player Lance Morrison that was working with Glen and Alanis that recommended me when it was time to record the record so I am just as grateful to Lance!  Lance Morrison is also the bass player in The Dirty Knobs.

Jagged Little Pill is an amazing record!

Some of my other favorites are "Is Anyone Home?" by Alice Cooper -

"Closer To Myself" by Kendall Payne -

"Gioca Con Me" by Vasco Rossi -

This song is special to me because it was the 1st time I recorded with Vasco and I got to play with Slash again which I had not done in 7 or 8 years.


T.C. - You worked with Alice Cooper. How was it working with him?

M.L. - Alice was not at the recording session for the song I mentioned "Is Anyone Home?".  He was on tour, so his record producer put the session together without him.  I have worked with Alice live since then.  He is great!  Very cool person.  A total professional. Legend!


T.C. -  And what about the album with Beth Hart?

M.L. - I love Beth!  She is one of the best vocalists I have ever heard.  Big, powerful voice and a joy to work with.


T.C. -  Is there an artist that you'd like to work with?

M.L. - I would love the opportunity to work with Angus Young!  Obviously that guy knows Rock N' Roll. 


T.C. - Project for the future?

M.L. - Other than The Dirty Knobs Tour of the U.S. I am very grateful that Vasco has invited back to Italy to work with him on his "Vasco NonStop Live Festival"!!!!

T.C. - We are from Italy. Do you have special memories about our country?

M.L. - I love Italy!!!  The people are very passionate and friendly.  The 1st time I went to Italy was in 2000.  I performed with Slash's Snakepit at a place called Alcatraz in Milano.  I'll never forget how great the audience was.  One of the best gigs Snakepit ever did!

Then there are all the tours with Vasco.  Getting to perform with Vasco and his band in front of so many people that sing every word of all the songs continues to be a religious experience! 


T.C. -  A message for our readers

M.L. - Ci vediamo presto Raga!!!!

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