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Prep & Sending Files


How To Prepare Your Session Files

Please do not submit tracks that have not been recorded to a click.  Receiving the best feeling drum track depends on how well your session files have been executed to a click track.


We ask that you only send Wav or AIFF files. (Stereo Interleaved preferred.)  


Please do not send mp3’s for Matt to track drums on. 


If you are using Pro Tools please inform us of which version you are using. 


Please tell us the bit depth, sample rate, and tempo of all your sessions.


Please label each individual track.


Please bounce the following soloed tracks and make sure that they all begin at bar 1:


  • Stem 1 - Rhythm track (i.e. keyboards, guitars, piano. Please no vocals, bass or demo drums/percussion loops) 


  • Stem 2 - Bass Track 


  • Stem 3 - Lead and background vocal tracks.


  • Stem 4 - Demo drum track that you intend Matt to replace. 


  • Stem 5 - All drum/percussion loops that you intend to keep with Matt’s drum track. (If available)


  • Stem 6 - Click Track (Please include a 2 bar count off.)


To keep things simple please send only the stems that have been requested. We do not need your entire session.


Where And How To Send Your Session Files

Session files are sent to using your preference of Dropbox, Hightail, Googledrive, or WeTransfer.  We are able to receive tracks as individual audio files or in a Pro Tools session. 


Returning Your Completed Session

Please tell us how you would like the newly tracked drums to be delivered to you; i.e. As a Pro Tools session or as audio files?


If you prefer audio files please indicate WAV or AIFF.


Session Release Form

At the completion of the session we will email you a link that will direct you to the Session Release Form.  With your digital signature you agree that no more revisions are needed and your session is complete.  Any revision requests after the signed Session Release Form has been sent to can only be performed by purchasing a new session. 


When we receive your signed Session Release Form we will immediately send to your inbox:

  • All the the individual drum tracks for your mixing session. (Up to 21 tracks.)

  • A “Paid In Full” session receipt.  

  • Please allow an estimate of 1 hour to upload and send the individual drum track files to your in box. Delivery time dependent upon how many songs have been recorded. 







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