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Drummer Matt Laug Performance On "The NFL On CBS" Theme


I grew up in a family of 3 brothers, 2 sisters, and a set of parents that LOVED watching NFL football! Each one of us had our own favorite team. Some teams were chosen by the city or state that each one of us were born. Not in my case. (Check out Matt Laug Online Session For Steve Spurrier Documentary / ESPN Films to learn how I became a Washington Redskins fan.)

Our family room in Florence, SC had the typical 1970s wood paneling on the walls with shag carpet on the floor and all furniture facing the most important object in the room.....the TV! On the walls were banners of everybody’s favorite teams: The Miami Dolphins (Dad & little sister BJ), The Green Bay Packers (oldest brother Steve), The K.C. Chefs.....I mean Chiefs (brother Mark), The New England Patriots (big sis Judy and I think my Mom. Mom later defected to the San Diego Chargers.....I have no idea why), The Minnesota Vikings (brother Tommy) and of course my team, THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!!!

We would all watch the games together razzing anybody whose team was losing just to piss them off. “Boy....your team sucks!!!” (Initiate fight sequence). Then during half time we would all go in the back yard and throw the football around. Whoever didn’t go outside (usually my Mom) had the job of screaming out the back door...”THE GAME’S BACK ON!!!!”

When I was maybe 10 years old, Mom gave all the kids some money to buy snacks at the local 7-11 before the start of that year’s Super Bowl. We bought popcorn, sodas and the biggest Hershey’s chocolate bar I had ever seen. It seemed like the size of a car door! That was back in the day when “Giant Size” really was giant. All those great memories.... Fast forward to the year 2000 something, I was hired to play drums along with L.A. session greats bassist Lance Morrison and guitarist Mike Landau to perform on the theme for 'The NFL On CBS'. It is such an honor and a thrill to hear my drumming every year when watching a game!!!!

So! In honor of the 2014 NFL Season AND to celebrate in advance that THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS WILL AGAIN BE SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!!!!.......................(someday)..................... here is the theme:



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