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Vintage 8068 Neve Console at Studio City Sound

How does one Grammy award winning engineer improve his amazing tones? By purchasing a vintage 8068 Neve Console!

There are many reasons why I started performing online drum tracking sessions with my good friend and amazing sound engineer Tom Weir. The main reason was his drum tones. Tom is always researching ways to improve the recorded sound quality at Studio City Sound. Now he’s hit a home run by including this beautiful vintage 8068 Neve Console to his vast list of vintage recording equipment.

It sounds amazing! I can hear and feel the difference in my headphones when I’m tracking a song. The quality of the tones are even better when I listen to the playback.

There’s a reason why so many great records have been made on Neve consoles. Another good friend of mine, record producer Oliver Leiber purchased the Neve Console from Hollywood Sound which Earth Wind and Fire used to record a lot of their classic hits. Drummer Dave Grohl purchased the Neve Console that lived at Sound City that churned out classic albums for decades. Mike Campbell (guitarist for Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, The Dirty Knobs) has a Neve in his home studio that recorded many of Tom Petty's hit songs. (Lot's of Dirty Knob songs too!)

Then there are the Neves at the world famous Capital Records Studios.

Need I say more?

Experience the difference for yourself LIVE online.


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